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SOUTH CAROLINA: Confederate Flag Controversy at Small Town Parade

The controversy over Confederate symbols in the South has made its way into a small town’s Christmas parade.

A Southern heritage group called The Carolina Flaggers will be allowed to flaunt the Confederate flag in the annual Christmas parade in Summerville, South Carolina, organizers there said.

“We are aware that there are people who are unhappy with this decision and want to assure them that it was not made lightly,” said Michael Lisle, executive director of Summerville DREAM, which organizes the Summerville Christmas Parade. “We believe we have treated this group in a manner consistent with how we have traditionally treated other groups applying for space in the Christmas parade, while observing the parade’s mission to celebrate the history and diversity of our town.”gty-jc-171201_12x5_992

The group’s application to participate in the Dec. 10 parade was approved after being “carefully vetted,” according to Lisle.

“We are also aware that, subsequent to its approval to participate, the group has suggested that they will hand out flags along the parade route. We want to make clear that such activity will not be allowed,” he added. “As with all participants, their entry will be visually …

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