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FLORIDA: Residents Request Removal of Flag

DeFuniak Springs, Fla. – Renewed controversy in one Panhandle town, surrounding the removal of Confederate flags, monuments and statues. News 13’s Peyton LoCicero reports that a group of locals want one particular flag flying in Walton County to come down.

For years this Confederate monument has stood outside of the DeFuniak Springs Courthouse, and right next to it flies the battle flag of Virginia and Tennessee.

“It is a symbol of separatism, of racism and it’s at the county courthouse where we are all have to go to vote, where we go to pay our taxes,” said Margie Jordan, Walton County Democratic Executive Committee.

A sensitive subject to many. Some see it as history and heritage, while others see it as a symbol of hatred and racism.

This isn’t the first time citizens have gone to battle with the commissioners. Back in 2015, a similar request was made for the original confederate flag to be removed.

“(Walton County Commissioner) made the decision to just swap the flag, rather than take it down. So, it still flies there on our public property today,” explained Jordan.

April of 1964, Walton County began flying the original Confederate …

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