NY Governor Looks Extremely Foolish As Escalated Law Idea Defies Second Amendment

Governor Andrew Cuomo incorrectly citing law while pushing for more gun control.

New Yorkers will be disappointed to learn that their governor knows nothing about Second Amendment rights in his state. Governor Andrew Cuomo took the same approach other Democratic politicians are taking towards ignorant people by proposing additional gun law restrictions. However, in pushing for a new law, Cuomo word-for-word described a law which is already in effect.

On Wednesday, he tried to solve all the gun problems by preventing domestic violence offenders from legally owning guns. He backed up his reasoning by saying how current New York law only prevents these perpetrators from possessing firearms if they received a felony or if it was an otherwise “serious” offense but does not apply to misdemeanors. Cuomo calls this a legal “loophole” that must be closed for the public’s safety.

He further states that such laws only cover handguns, but do not apply to long guns. Cuomo attempts to strengthen what he believes to be a strong argument by offering the statistic that historically most of the mass shooters have also been convicted of domestic violence in the past. There is truth to this correlation, which is why federal law …

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