Oklahoma Border Town Leery of Planned Bioterror Test

(100% Safe say the same people who radiated pregnant women in Tennessee, denied that Gulf War Syndrome existed, etc., etc… – Ed.)

US News NEWKIRK, Okla. (AP) — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announcement that it was conducting biosecurity drills in the Oklahoma farming town of Newkirk was tucked among the local weekly newspaper’s classified ads.

The notice mentioned a “low level outdoor release of inert chemical and biological simulant materials” and directed people to a science-heavy website explaining why the agency chose the community.

The Newkirk Herald Journal thought it should be front-page news, and its subsequent article sent shockwaves through the town of about 2,300 people, leaving them wondering, “Why here?” and questioning the government’s assurances about the safety of the chemicals it plans to use during tests that will gauge how authorities might respond to a bioterror event.

“They’re trying to tell us it’s 100 percent safe,” Brian Hobbs, a 40-year-old construction worker who’s helped rally like-minded residents. “It leaves people with an uneasy feeling. I don’t want to become the testing ground for the Department of Homeland Security.”

About 9,000 wary residents of Newkirk and neighboring communities, including ArkansasCity, Kansas, just across the border, have signed a petition seeking more details from the federal agency. Many residents want guarantees from the government that none of the chemicals will adversely affect nearby cropland, a creek that flows into the Arkansas River or the massive Kaw Lake watershed. Dozens have shown up at community meetings demanding answers…

Source: Oklahoma Border Town Leery of Planned Bioterror Test | Oklahoma News | US News

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