Parents Arrested After Four Month Infant Autopsy Revealed Horrible Truth

The Richards (pictured) saw their 4-month-old baby die due to their meth addiction.

There is a common misconception that those who are in favor of relaxing the criminal status of drugs are somehow blind to the actions of those who abuse drugs. For instance, if someone harms someone because they are in an altered state, that does not mean that even the most libertarian of minds do not want justice done. Everyone has rights, but when one person abuses their rights to the point where it harms another, justice must be done.

AOL News reports that a four-month-baby who was exposed to meth has died and parents Johnny and Christina Richard are both facing charges of second-degree murder. The pair are already on parole and/or probation and more time behind bars is certainly in their future after this incident.

What’s sad about that is, the people that probably did that shouldn’t have had a child cause they were not responsible enough to look after him and keep him away from the drugs,” said a woman named Elizebeth Williams when interviewed by WREG News.

Meth is a drug that is destroying the minds of many as the nation staggers

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