Perverted Judge Forced Teen To ‘Perform’ For Police, Appeals Court Delivers 2-1 Verdict

Manassas Police department suffered a huge embarrassment as the details of this case became public.

Manassas City Detective, David E. Abbott, was one of the most disgusting individuals in law enforcement. The detective was conducting an investigation into Trey Sims, 17, who was sending sexually explicit messages to his 15-year-old girlfriend. Abbot would get a warrant by a judge which allowed him to take pictures of the minor’s genitals.

The case took place in Virginia, where for better or worse, it is legal for a someone of the age of 17 to engage in sexual acts with someone who is 15. Which would mean that while Sims acted inappropriately and his behavior should have certainly been addressed by the parents of both parties, it was not a case which the police should have been pursuing.

However, they would be charging the boy with distributing child pornography, even though he and the female were engaged in mutual “sexting.” The police and judge in this case would engage in behavior that would net anyone else many years in prison and a lifetime registration as child sex offender, yet no one on the force spoke up.

Trey Sims is suing the estate of

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