Police Rush To Treatment Plant As Third Gruesome Discovery This Week Leads To SERIOUS Risk

Detroit police investigate an extremely concerning series of discoveries at a water treatment facility.

Michigan has yet another water issue, this time affecting not water quality itself, but rather concerning biohazardous findings in a treatment plant. The Water Resource Recovery Facility at 9300 W. Jefferson in Detroit is the largest treatment plant in the country, making the news revelation shocking to a huge population whom the water effects, which is over four millions citizens, 35 percent of all of Michigan, and 76 other major areas.

The water treatment plant is under investigating for a disturbing discovery that began on the evening of December 15 when an employee of the plant noticed an unidentified object floating in the water. Initially, it was suspected to be some sort of “tissue,” which turned out to be a human kidney, according to the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office. On December 16, a second kidney was found; no word if from the same source.

Named one of the top engineering projects of the century by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the otherwise successful public service facility has never had an incident such as this since its opening in February 1940. The plant …

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