Property Taxes: Yet Another Proof that We Are Pawns of the State

Ron Paul recently posted this on his Facebook page:
* With the Income Tax, government claims ownership of all your income, and decides how much they’ll let you keep.
* With the Property Tax, government claims ownership of your home, and you merely lease it at a rate that they see fit. 
* Choose not to pay the government, and you quickly find out that you don’t really “own” your own home in America.
It doesn’t have to be this way…
My wife and I recently paid our property taxes and it brings to mind several questions. The answers should be apparent, but if they are not, it may be because you support theft — so long as someone else (government) does the theft on your behalf.
* Why do I never truly own my home, though I paid it off years ago?
* Why must I pay yearly rent (taxes) to the state to continue to live in that home that I own? (I don’t remember signing a “social contract” authorizing someone to rob me of my possessions).
* As I look at my tax assessment, I wonder, who determined what my “fair share” is to pay for

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