Removal Of KY Capitol’s Jefferson Davis Plaque Delayed

The removal of an honorific plaque from a statue of Jefferson Davis in the state Capitol has been delayed as officials review whether they have the authority to do so.

In response to public outcry over the statue of the Confederacy’s only president, the Historic Properties Advisory Commission voted earlier this year to remove the plaque that labels Davis as “patriot — hero — statesman.”

State Curator Leslie Nigels says lawyers in Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration are reviewing legislation that authorized the statue’s creation in 1931.

“Just to be assured that that is the correct status so that we’re not doing anything that might be questioned,” Nigels said.

“If not, they will give us advice on how to proceed from there because it is our intention to remove the plaque and to retain it, but to have it not in the rotunda.”…

Source: Removal Of Kentucky Capitol’s Jefferson Davis Plaque Delayed | WEKU

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