RepublicRATS lose control of Virginia House – so what?

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Virginia Right! – Anyone watching the cliff hanger with a single Delegate seat settled with a Democrat winning it to tie the House of Delegates can’t be too surprised, all things considered.

RepublicRATS controlled all 3 power positions, the House and had a precarious 20-20 split in the State Senate from 2009—2012.  What came of that period , was Medicaid reformed, or the convoluted Tax Code fixed ?  Did Education funding get a long overdue repair ? No, the only notable example of any tangible action came in the form of a 6 Billion dollar tax increase.

When given a chance to lead they turned into turnips. Followers all, and people today are puzzled over why Democrats have made the gains they have. Tagging President Trump as many have to explain what happened in Virginia is almost comical if not outright silly. Trump has shown he isn’t afraid of tackling big issues, Immigration, Tax Reform, and now talk of finally taking up Entitlement programs.  That is real leadership. Trump will also make another run at Health Insurance reform, and getting rid of the mandate was an excellent first step.

Had McDonnell and RepublicRATS shown some actual leadership when they had the opportunity to lead, things in Richmond today would look much different…

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