School Board Announces 400 Installed As Parents Furious Over Proposed ‘Hate’ Solution

Ramon S. Torrecihla, the current President of Westfield State University, is more than happy to give in to the demands of the protestors and provide them with a means of watching the campus for any wrongdoing by providing 400 security cameras. Are the students excited about demanding that their every move be recorded? Only time will tell.

Westfield State University thinks that they have a problem, and they are willing to spend a lot of money in trying to solve that problem.  The problem isn’t an unruly student populace, or people coming from off the campus to steal from students or damage their property.  No, the school thinks that they have a hate crime problem, and to solve it they are willing to install 400 cameras across the campus.

Students have filed a number of claims recently concerning allegations of hate crimes, and the school is taking them seriously, even with a lack of evidence that would prove these are legitimate hate crimes and not hoaxes.  Following in the footsteps of other schools that bowed to pressure to ‘do something’ about hate crime allegations, Westfield State University’s board of trustees has decided to install cameras around the school to …

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