School Counselors Contact Police But What Investigators Discover Leaves Them Horrified

Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway. The community is in shock over “one of the worst cases of child abuse.”

A thirteen-year-old Georgia girl faced unimaginable abuse from her stepfather. She is finally in child services after being tortured for over three years. Gwinnett County Police arrested Rimmon Lewis and charged him “with twenty counts of first-degree cruelty to children, four counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated stalking.” The sick man with control issues treated the victim like an animal, controlling and humiliating her. Prosecutor Tracie Carson revealed some of the horrors the teenager was put through.

As a provider, Lewis gave his stepdaughter the bare minimum to survive, but would repeatedly inflict pain upon her. The stepfather would reportedly beat his stepdaughter with belts and furniture or use his own strength to hit and kick her. She was locked up in the laundry room where she was starved or only given cat food to eat. At least once, he forced her to drink laundry detergent.

Her hygiene conditions were unacceptable as well. Lewis would lock up the girl for such long periods of time that she would soil her clothes and would then have to wear them …

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