School Punishes Student For Citing Government FACT, “Corrective” Action Taken For “Unconscious Bias”

School administrators at Liberty High School in Missouri were not concerned with the content of the material, only that a student has used the material in an argument against Islam. Surely students must be aware by now that they are only allowed to criticize and argue about Christianity’s place in the USA but never Islam’s.

The age in American history where students can constructively engage in organized debate is no longer present.  In more and more cases across the nation, schools are aiming to stiffen the free movement of information and ideas between students because the facts can now cause emotional harm to the students.  This has come full circle now that a student has been suspended after calmly debating with a Muslim, using certified facts regarding Islam. The Muslim student became distraught and emotionally unstable.

Under progressive agendas with radical administrators, schools are being controlled by sharia policy. No longer are students encouraged to promote or research new ideas, but instead are aimed towards breaking boundaries in terms of race and sexual orientation.  The schools are more interested in making sure that everyone who believes in the progressive ideology is protected from the evils of alternative beliefs, than actually …

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