School Waits Hours, Parents Outraged As 6-Year-Old Severely Damaged As Teacher Watched

Oklahoma City Police Bill Ciity (pictured) has just heard about one very alarming story.

The signs are all around us that the generation of grade school children that will be high-schoolers and young adults in no time at all has a proclivity towards violence. It is not a matter of video games or horror movies or music, either, but something far deeper. There is a moral decay in our nation and since many of these children’s parents have never honored any God, it is showing in their youth.

AOL News highlights these woes in a new story that tells of an Central Elementary School student who was stabbed in the eye by another girl, apparently on purpose. “It’s hard to see my son cry and scared. I just want something more for him,” said the victim’s mother, Sarena Garner, according to KFOR News 4.

I got a phone call around 4:05, and it was a lady named Wendi and she says ‘I’m just calling to let you know there was an incident at school today with your son,” the saddened mother said. When she asked happened, she was staggered by what she was told.

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