Silicon Valley Corporations Openly Hate White Americans

We already knew that the tech industry is dominated by anti-white CEOs. A recent report, however, revealed that their human resources departments are keen on replacing workers who simply happen to be white Americans. Fully 57 percent of positions in Silicon Valley which require at least a bachelor’s degree go to foreign-born applicants, according to Silicon Valley Leadership Group President Carl Guardino. Guardino made the revelation in support of federal legislation to legalize illegal immigrants in the United States. Unless Congress gives these foreigners special rights (i.e., to break the basic laws of the republic and get away with it) companies in his industry may have to…gasp!…hire native-born Americans.

Carl Guardino, president of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, said that loss would be particularly damaging in Silicon Valley, where immigrants are an integral part of the region’s tech world.

“We don’t want to see our Dreamers left on the side of the road because of an inaction from Congress,” he said.

No, Carl the Cuck, we wouldn’t want our own sons employed while the sons of other men go without jobs that could support their families, now would we? We wouldn’t want half a million American college graduates

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