State GOP Under Fire As Second Amendment Plan “Restoration” Draws Media Outrage

Florida lawmakers will determine how difficult it will be for felons to have their rights restored after serving out a sentence.

Last week, Florida began to consider House Bill 903, titled the “Economic Redemption and Restoration of Constitutional Rights Act” which would benefit felons seeking clemency beginning on July 1, 2018. Representative Cord Byrd of Neptune Beach filed the bill on December 6 to help relieve felons from legal disability in a more timely manner than the current state law. Restoration of Rights in Florida includes possessing a firearm, voting, holding public office, or serving on a jury. Though, of course, Democrats are focusing only on the Second Amendment debate.

Under the bill, felons would have their rights restored immediately after serving an incarceration sentence, applicable probation time, and successfully petitioning to a county court. This is a drastic change for Florida considering that under the current law when a prisoner is released, he has limited constitutional rights. Felons are required to wait nine to eleven years to have their rights restored after maintaining “five to seven years of a clean record,” however, it can take up to fourteen. Reportedly, many released felons do not bother applying for their rights …

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