Supreme Court Weighs In As State ‘Civil Rights Act’ Cloaks Provision To Silence Free Speech

Governor of Maine, Paul LePage addressing an unconstitutional law against pro-life protesters.

The Alliance Defending Freedom organization stepped in to protect pro-life protesters in Maine against a current unconstitutional law. The religious freedom group filed a “friend-of-the-court brief with the U.S. Supreme Court,” expressing the dangers of treading too close to constitutional infringement and for discriminating against the pro-life movement by calling abortion “healthcare.”

In August this year, Portland, Maine implemented “a noise provision” within the Maine Civil Rights Act to prevent pro-life demonstrators from protesting outside of Planned Parenthood and other clinics that perform abortions. Abortion protesters have been a local concern for years in Maine, but the debate escalated in 2016.

A local pastor regularly demonstrated peacefully outside of the abortion service provider, praying with and consulting women in an attempt to change their minds and not have abortions. The city tried to silence Pastor March and other protestors then, but with no luck passing the “content-based speech restriction.” In 2017, however, it was deemed constitutional, claiming it to be “non-discriminatory,” despite the 2015 ruling in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, which prohibits censorship based on content.

Pastor March and fellow pro-life protesters exercising freedom of speech and

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