Tax Bill Passage: D.C. GOP are Close to an Accomplishment

The Republican led House is on verge of passing the GOP tax plan, again! Earlier today, the House passed the bill, but because it was pointed out that “3 provisions in GOP tax bill violate[d] Senate rules,” the House will now have to revote on the bill  this Wednesday. Assuming that all goes according to plan, the bill will then go to the Senate where, despite the absence of John McCain (currently resting because of his brain cancer), it is expected to pass.

According to Erick Erickson on his show yesterday, the scuttlebutt is that Senator Bob Corker will vote “yes” on the bill as a personal favor to the ailing Senator McCain. This, more than any “specific carve-out in the final bill” given to him, was the reason the for Corker switching on his previous “No” vote. And with Corker in-line, the GOP leadership seems confident in the tax bill’s passing and its subsequent signing by President Trump. And no doubt, if only in the hearts of the GOP leadership, somewhere in Washington balloons and fireworks are being readied to celebrate the GOP’s one big legislative accomplishment for the entire year! Now, I like a party as much as …

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