Ten Things Snowflakes Will Be in a Tizzy Over in the Very Near Future

In their noble quest to ulcerate their own innards before their time and to give the rest of us a severe case of bleeding ears, SJWs will overlook neither the most petty tidbit of popular culture nor the most basic semantic of the English language. We have received two jaw-dropping examples of such chutzpah recently. First, we were informed by the denizens of that world-renowned think tank Reed College of Portland, OR that Steve Martin’s 1970s keg party hit song ‘King Tut’ was a form of insidious ‘cultural appropriation’ that promotes ‘blackface’ because a sax player in the background of the video appears in a gold face mask. Irate that this piquant observation didn’t win them an immediate Nobel Peace Prize, they (or someone so similar as not to matter one whit) wrote an op-ed in a student paper (probably in crayon) proclaiming the entire non-urban outdoors racist because blacks have traditionally been denied access to such (uh, by who?), and the denizens of the forests have a decidedly Mark Trail complexion. Remember when obsessive nerds used to read Popular Mechanics and were handy with tools? Yeah, I know – that image is getting more than a little gray in …

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