Texas Christmas History and Tradition

Texas is steeped in Christmas lore and traditions, dating back centuries. As we celebrate the birth of the God man who created Texas (and the rest of the universe), let us look at one little known Christmas story and a Christmas Eve tradition.

Pioneer Woman at the Texas State CapitolJane Long’s Christmas

Any good Texan knows that Stephen F. Austin is considered the “Father of Texas.” Yet, the woman who would come to be known as “Mother of Texas” was facing trials of her own during the Christmas of 1821.

Jane Wilkinson Long was born in Maryland in 1798. Raised by a distant relative, General James Wilkinson, after her parents died when she was quite young, she grew up on Wilkinson’s plantation. While pursuing her education she met James Long, a surgeon who had fought in the Battle of New Orleans. Long accepted a commission as general to lead an expedition to Texas. In 1821 Jane accompanied him with their two daughters and they settled in Bolivar Point.

When Long was away, winter arrived with a vengeance, freezing Galveston Bay! Jane, her daughters, and their 12-year old servant girl Kian were ultimately abandoned by the soldiers who initially remained at the fort. She managed to keep …

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