Texas Pushing For Trump’s Goals As State Troopers Reveal Relationship With Immigration

A Texas State Trooper pulling over a vehicle near the Mexico/US border

The state of Texas is notorious for having to deal with a large illegal immigrant population. Texas borders Mexico, and with the states multi-faceted economy, low cost of living, and access to some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, it’s a prime destination for illegal aliens.

But now, the state is cracking down on the number of illegals it allows to live within the state’s borders.

According to information uncovered by Newsweek, Texas State Troopers have been routinely handing over illegals to border patrol for deportation. Usually state troopers encounter illegals while they are driving, but oftentimes the illegals are passengers.

Regardless of whether or not the illegal is driving, state troopers are asking for proof of legal residence and handing over the illegals to border patrol to process.

Illegals get pulled over for a multitude of infractions, including minor traffic violations. This isn’t a surprise since citizens would be pulled over for the same reasons.

There have been several instances where the driver had proof of legal entry or a current visa, but the passenger did not. In fact, the ACLU of Texas obtained …

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