The Accusation = Guilt Trap: How abandoning scriptural standards of character and guilt helps anti-christians purge Christians from politics.

We live in an emotion-driven age.

Virtue signaling snowflakes abound, posing and posturing relentlessly in order to take advantage of the latest moral fad of the moment in time to claim credit and secure their status as properly enlightened citizens.

In this pursuit, they’re happy (and often quite eager) to ditch anything resembling a biblical standard for measuring or defining things like law, love, beauty, right, wrong, or anything else…including guilt and character.

And who is championing this abandonment of biblical standards of measurement in the vital areas of character and guilt assessment?

Why, American Christians, of course.

Yeah, really.

This is one of the more heartbreaking truths that God is revealing through the Roy Moore situation unfolding in Alabama.

For many professing Christians in the land, the “Accusation = Guilt” card has actually become “a thing”, as in: a tool to be used to bludgeon and besmirch others into submission.

Submission to what, exactly?

The emotion-driven, Bible-ditching (and thereby thought-devaluing) spirit of the age, that’s what.

Even the most bizarrely non-credible claims made by the most thoroughly discredited of accusers is now heralded as enough to warrant a man of Roy Moore’s character being forced out of the race …

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