The Covenant of Aliens Gave Us ‘Alien: Covenant’

“Those who tell the stories rule society.”

St. Paul did not ignore the work of heathen poets, but rather treated them as a field of spiritual combat. For even narratives are not idle things, but animated and dictated entirely by worldview. Living as we do today in an age of crafted propaganda and scientific manipulation, we have only more inducement to treat the popular stories of our time as a gauntlet thrown down in challenge to the sovereignty of our Liege-Lord, Christ.

Recently I watched the conclusion to Ridley Scott’s Alien series, Alien: Covenant. There are reviews aplenty of this film examining its reliance on the theory of panspermia, which is really just an anti-Christian form of intelligent design.

But if Erich von Däniken was spurned for a kook when he published Chariots of the Gods in ’68, his thesis is, in broad strokes, now mainstream. Even the pop PR faces of secular science like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye are open apologists for the theory that life on earth, and humanity especially, were seeded on this planet from elsewhere and almost certainly by alien “engineers.”

Many like Graham Hancock have promulgated the …

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