The GOP Tax Bill and the New Normal

Well, it’s been almost a year, and President Trump and the congressional Republicans finally have their first major legislative victory. That’s right! A year of legislative activity, with much capitulation to the left side of the isle, and this is all we have. So much winning.

In the final days before its weekend passage, the GOP tax bill was met with a flurry of activity. Lobbyists and senators had to be satisfied, and the terms of passage for such a slim senatorial majority had to be fulfilled. And so, some of the changes made in the 11th hour appeared as badly written notes in the margins of the printed bill. In fact, in parody of that point, an internet meme was circulated purporting to be Ted Cruz’s last minute changes, but were in actuality the Zodiac killer cypher. Google Ted Cruz and zodiac for more on that internet spoof.

Actually, there were some good things in the bill. The estate tax exemption was doubled, the corporate tax rate was dropped from 35% to 20%, and most tax brackets saw some kind of reduction (if small), but also many hitherto popular deductions disappeared. Probably the biggest accomplishment of the tax …

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