The Progressive Feminist “Women’s Champion” Formula: Vote To Keep Abortion Legal So That You Can Grope/Fondle/Assault At Will

Ah, how quickly the world changes…and yes, often for the better…

Just yesterday, it seems – or about two months ago, to be more precise – it was the open, accepted norm for progressive feminist types like Bill Clinton, Al Franken, and _______ Kennedy to have free reign to grope, fondle, and even rape women of their choosing so long as they consistently defended the “right” of said women to murder their baby boys and girls for any reason or no reason at all.

That was the magical formula.

It wasn’t complicated.

It was super simple.

And we all knew it.

Take a top tier role in the ranks of feminist progressives defending the “rights” of women to murder their children, and you were pretty much free to assault, abuse, rape, and pillage as you saw fit.

But things are changing…bigly, you might say…

The latest sign that the likes of Al Franken are still in full blown denial of the sea-change that is now upon us comes by way of Franken’s announcement that he plans to step down from the Senate in light of numerous accusations of sexual impropriety coming his way…the sort of impropriety that was …

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