The Revolution Eats Its Own

WASHINGTON — As I ponder the lengthening list of alleged sexual offenders drawn from Hollywood, the arts, the media and politics, I am moved to wonder why the overwhelming majority of the accused are prominent luminaries of the left. Those accused on the right claim utter innocence including former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who nonetheless paid a fortune to accusers — go figah, as they say in Brooklyn. At any rate, the lefties constitute the growing multitude.

At the top of the list — at least for me — is former President Bill Clinton, who was aided and abetted by his lovely wife, Bruno. In the 1990s many of the same people who are out for the blood of today’s sexual assailants were among Clinton’s proud defenders, but I will bet that he is not sleeping easily today. When The American Spectator was on the prowl in the 1990s, we had dozens of other women, shall we say, under surveillance quite aside from those we did report on. What if those taciturn ladies from yesteryear were to step forward now to join Juanita Broaddrick (she claims rape by Clinton), Kathleen Willey (she says he groped her) and the loquacious …

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