The Signs of the Times

I was driving home from some errands the other day and, while sitting at a stoplight, I noticed the advertisement over the Verizon Wireless store. It was lit up telling me all about how Verizon is a company that gives back because its “members” (read, “wage slaves”) volunteer every year. I’m not quite sure what the actual outcome is for the general public – whether people, after reading this billboard, actually get a sense of “Hey! Wow. Those people are great. I should purchase an overpriced phone there” or not. It must be working, I guess.

But it in general got me thinking about how Verizon is just one of many companies that lambasts us from the sides of roadways and those pesky 30-second commercials on Pandora about how full of integrity they are. The heads of these companies, banks, and corporations must have a good laugh on how the bovine think they care. This consumerist society, so driven by want and desire, now needs its ego patted when purchasing toilet paper.

What it shows me, though, is not so much how terribly vain the company is, but how terribly vain the consumer is. The media outlets have successfully poured …

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