The System-Shaking Power Of Cryptocurrency

Of the many things causing The Establishment to soil itself these days, cryptocurrency is high on the list.

Few things terrify Establishment elites and dependents like the thought of a currency system operating outside of State control. Without the power to magically produce “money” out of thin air, their endless programs and wars would die of starvation in very short order. Without the power to “legally counterfeit” wealth, the vultures and leaches atop the pyramid under which we now labor would have to actually work, earn, risk, and fail on a level playing field with everyone else, and we all know they’re never going to do that…voluntarily, anyway.

If you or I do what they do, it’s called “counterfeiting”.

But when they ascribe value to otherwise valueless paper or digital scraps, and then use the coercive power of the State to enforce our compliance with their use of this power, it’s called “legitimate legal currency production”.

This is the context into which cryptocurrencies have been born.

On the Big Picture side, cryptocurrencies represent one of the more dramatic and culture-rocking fruits of the decentralizing technologies being raised up by God at this remarkable time in His creation of history. To …

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