The Trump WHAT?

NEW YORK—Why is it The Trump Era?

Who invented this?

Why do I read this forty times a week?

I’m not sure I’m ready to give this guy his own era.

There are actually only three eras: Paleozoic (which lasted 292 million years), Mesozoic (185 million), and Cenozoic (65 million and counting).

Which is why, when we use the word as a metaphor, it’s supposed to denote something mind-blowingly unique, defined, and long-lasting—the Elizabethan Era, the Victorian Era, the Colonial Era, the Revolutionary Era, or, since the term is so beloved by sportswriters, the Babe Ruth Era, the Vince Lombardi Era, and—a rare negative one—the Steroid Era.

The first problem with a “Trump Era” is that the guy hasn’t even been in office for a full year. So if he gets hit by a truck tomorrow—or gets a spiked high heel through the heart, like the stingray that killed the Crocodile Hunter—it would be hard to justify the 9 million articles written in 2017 using “Trump Era” as a term to describe…

Well, that’s another thing. I’m not sure what it does describe. I could pick at least a thousand words and add “in the Trump …

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