The vultures are circling after Flynn’s confession

The vultures are circling after Michael Flynn pled guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI.

The New York Times called Flynn’s confession a “seismic event in the special counsel investigation” and claimed it “portends the likelihood of impeachable charges being brought against the president of the United States.” According to the Times, the consequences of Flynn’s testimony  “will take their place in the history books alongside the Watergate and Iran-contra scandals.”

So much for unbiased, objective journalism.

House Democrats are already calling for Trump’s impeachment, and this news will no doubt add flames to that fire. Despite the fact that no evidence has surfaced linking the President to Russian meddling, career politicians and big media types cannot wait to oust the man they believe threatens the status quo in D.C. They’ll exaggerate any hint of the President’s guilt, even if it means misrepresenting the facts and jumping to conclusions.

No one can affect change in this kind of environment. Even the best leaders in D.C. are so mired in politics and scandal that they don’t have time to think about restoring power to the people and the states.

That’s why an Article V Convention of States is so

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