The Way of White Men: Neither Thugs nor Cucks

The white Christian heterosexual male is an endangered species. We at Faith and Heritage discuss this frequently. Our women and children depend on us to provide for and protect them. By taking us out, the enemies of Christ and our people are removing the only obstacle blocking their path to total domination.

Key to protecting and providing for our women and children is masculinity. Displays of masculinity are dependent on the time and culture in which they take place. John Wayne punching a ruffian, Christ calmly taking the abuse of Jews and pagans, and John Hancock daring King George to execute him for treason with a large signature on the Declaration of Independence, all were displays of masculinity. We men must be wise enough to realize that we can’t be one-trick ponies. Sometimes the strong thing to do is to keep your mouth shut. At other times to keep your mouth shut would be a display of cowardice and foolishness. Same goes for throwing a punch or calling for armed revolution.

White Christian men are not one-trick ponies like our black male counterparts unfortunately often are. King Kong-style displays of black athletic or sexual power ought not be off-limits for …

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