The Westminster Confession Is Kinism, Part 1

A common digression lately taken by liberals with respect to the Reformed doctrines of inheritance, family, nation, and race, is to say, “If Kinism is the historic Faith, why isn’t it elaborated in the creeds? Why not even in the most elaborate creed of church history — the Westminster Confession?”

Since I have obliquely addressed this question elsewhere, I’ll take the liberty of quoting myself:

They ignore the actual character of creedalism as it has expressed itself in time: as predominantly a consortium of reactionary rulings. Confessions have always arose in response to errors of their age. They define the Christian faith always so as to distinguish biblical orthodoxy from the vacillations of the zeitgeist.

But, as with subjects such as pedophilia or so-called “gay marriage,” dedicated apologetics contra miscegenation, racial and social egalitarianism, or borderless one-worldism were not deemed as needing to be addressed simply because none could foresee a day in which churches would en masse begin promoting such moral aberrations.

Even so, no one should think the Westminster Confession discloses nothing on the matter. Truly, traditionalists have always seen it as everywhere presupposing Kinism. So this, then, is an exposition of that fact.…

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