“They’ll Pay”: NFL Nightmare Intensifies After Lawsuit Cites Dangerous Truth

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson.

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson.

Over the last several months, there have been lots of angry fans over the NFL’s national anthem protests. Fans have vented on Facebook and Twitter, and have made videos burning tickets, jerseys and other merch on Youtub. But this one Louisiana Saints fan has taken fan anger to a whole new level.

Lee Dragna is a season ticketholder for the New Orleans Saints. Dragna says the player protests over police brutality and racial inequality during the national anthem are ridiculous—so ridiculous that Dragna is suing the team. The Morgan City, Louisiana resident is seeking reimbursement for $8,000, the cost of his season tickets.

Dragna filed his lawsuit on Monday in the state’s 24th district court, according to the newspaper The New Orleans Advocate. He is demanding a refund and legal fee payment. His claim is that the protests have prevented his family from enjoying the games, the whole reason he bought the tickets in the first place.

The New Orleans Saints are being sued because of kneeling like this.

A diehard Saints fan, Dragna attended the home opener against the New England Patriots. He was disgusted when some players did not appear on …

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