Trump Against the World

WASHINGTON — It’s been another week crammed with President Donald Trump duking it out on Twitter. This week he sparred with Democratic congressional leaders, two national news organizations and even mixed it up with British Prime Minister Theresa May to a point that put a chill on the U.S.’ vaunted “special relationship” with the U.K.

People who live in the bubble of Washington have theories about why Trump finds himself in so many feuds that he can appear at war with the world. Some believe it is a deliberate strategy. Others see a man who thrives on chaos and loves the fight. And still others see a president with little impulse control.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a simpler take. Asked if Trump thrives on chaos, Spicer replied, “I think he doesn’t back down from a fight.”

At an event this week honoring World War II heroes, Trump was chatting with Navajo Code Talkers when he referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., as “Pocahontas,” a nickname he used during the 2016 presidential campaign to mock her claims about being part Native American.

Spicer said he thinks Trump figured Warren had attacked him, “and here are people who …

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