Two Centuries of Struggle and Division

In the past two centuries the Church in America has undergone several cycles of terrible decline, followed by division and revival. In the mid-1800s the mainline Protestant denominations split along regional lines due to the ascendancy of abolitionist, often unitarian, egalitarians in both Church and State. The Presbyterians, Methodists, and Baptists all divided because of these theological heresies with profound legal, moral, political, and cultural consequences. These heretics posited (a) that all Christians were forbidden to participate in slavery, despite the clear teaching of the Bible to the contrary; and (b) that all American Christians were obligated to support the U.S. federal government in an unconstitutional, illegal, and bloody invasion of its member States, and in the rapine, plunder, and conquest of their people. Behind these heresies, which most abolitionists and Unionists agreed with, was the more radical belief (c) that though white civilization was far advanced of black society, blacks nonetheless should exercise the same civil and political rights of free white men — and anything short of this was a sin! Unfortunately, the heretics had the upper hand thanks in no small part to their close association with the open enemies of Christ and His Church. Anti-Christian …

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