VA Gov, McAuliffe Decides He Can Ban Guns Under “Emergency” Orders

Terry McAuliffe

Virginia – -( Governor McAuliffe now believes he can prohibit guns at rallies which are held at the Robert E. Lee Monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond. That statue, unlike the other statues in the area, belongs to the Commonwealth and not to Richmond.

The Governor has issued another ‘emergency‘ regulation prohibiting guns during rallies by tying the condition of “no guns or weapons” to issuance of a permit. A rally of 10 or more people at this monument requires a permit.

Virginia Citizens Defense League takes no position on the monument itself, but we do take umbrage at the Governor thinking he can prohibit guns there considering that he has no legal authority to do so from the General Assembly.

The last rally at the statue did not ban guns and there was no violence. The Governor has a habit of abusing his powers by issuing “emergency orders” when there is no emergency.

Rest assured that Virginia Citizens Defense League and its lawyers are looking into…

Source: VA Gov, McAuliffe Decides He Can Ban Guns Under “Emergency” Orders

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