WATCH: Cop Found “Not Guilty” After Body Cam Evidence Proves Brutal Police Execution

The death of Daniel Shaver, 26, was a tradegy but not enough for the jury to convict the cop who killed him when Shaver failed to follow every single step correctly.

A disturbing and upsetting video has been released by the authorities of the Mesa Police Department in Arizona.  When NFL players and social activists are out in the streets protesting against police violence and killer cops getting let off the hook, not a word is heard for the young man gunned down by hostile and threatening police.  When stripped of his rights and made to crawl like an animal at the orders of the police, a misstep resulted in the death of 26-year-old Daniel Shaver at the hands of a police officer who is walking away scott free.

Police were supposedly responding to a report that someone was waving a gun outside of a window of their hotel room.  Police worked their way up the steps with apparently confirmation that the perpetrators were in room 502, although none of the evidence was seen in the video.  When they approached the room, these men who were dressed for a riot, barked orders out to what appeared to be unsuspecting hotel …

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