What the Left Intended for Evil

More of the same from crazy, dystopian America.

The National Football League struck a deal November 30 with the black Players Coalition in which they promised $89 million in funds to “social justice” organizations in return for…nothing.

Yeah, that’s right. The league spearheaded by a shabbos goy and his Jewish New York City lawyers neglected to get the black millionaire traitors to guarantee in writing that they’d end their protests. Which basically means that the NFL just agreed to an $89 million tax write-off and nothing more. It’s either an absurdly stupid move, or an incredibly audacious demonstration of just how much the NFL brass hate white people and are willing to kowtow to the bruthas in Black Run America (h/t to Paul Kersey at SBPDL).

It gets better: the $89 million is not new money from the NFL, but merely a shift of previously-earmarked money from the league’s budgets fighting breast cancer and supporting the U.S. military. This is according to one of the earliest NFL players who has protested whitey, Eric Reid. Siphoning money from actually worthy causes was apparently too disgusting for this anti-white, black one-percenter, who resigned from the Players Coalition in protest.…

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