What to make of Roy Moore’s defeat

Michael Hill, League of The South – Yesterday, liberal Democrat Doug Jones defeated conservative Republican Roy Moore by a razor thin margin (about 1% or some 13,000 votes) in Alabama’s special Senate election to fill the remainder of the term of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The result came as a big surprise to most everyone.

What are we to make of Judge Roy Moore’s defeat in one of the most traditional, conservative States?

First of all, never doubt the duplicity of the elite media. Moore was beset in the weeks leading up to yesterday’s vote by what they called “bimbo eruptions” during Bill Clinton’s tenure as President. After decades, women were coming out of the woodwork accusing Moore on all sorts of sexual mischief. And apparently it worked well enough to keep some suburban, moderate GOP women at home. Since the tactic worked, expect it to be repeated by the left against conservative candidates time and time again…

Source: What to make of Roy Moore’s defeat | League of The South

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