Why Americans support an Article V Convention of States — in their own words

Conservative writer Jen Kuznicki spoke with attendees of a Convention of States rally in Michigan earlier this month and recorded their responses to two simple questions: Why do you think an Article V Convention of States is so important?” and “What made you get involved?”

Here are their responses:

Ron and Linda P. of Grand Blanc/Burton area, Michigan:

I see the federal government as being way out of control. Primarily what drove me to the Convention of States is that I’m a fiscal conservative, I always have been, and balancing our budget is very important. They really don’t want to balance the budget, it’s not politically what they want to do, because then they’ll have to cut. The federal government is never going to put controls on itself, they’re never going to limit their power, in fact, they’re forever trying to increase their power. With the Convention of States, the people get a chance to tell Washington how it has to be, and get us back to the fundamentals that our founders actually created back when they hammered out the Constitution. I think the Constitution has been perverted, especially over the past hundred years, through court rulings and bureaucratic rules

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