Wiretapping Nets 18 As Liberals CAUGHT In Massive Bribery And Corruption Scheme

On the left is Chuck Rizzo who plead guilty to charges related to him bribing politicians and embezzlement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has conducted a wiretapping operation on city officials and businesses in Detroit, exposing corruption, extortion, and bribery among other schemes which cost taxpayers a fortune. Charges have been filed against 18 people, over a dozen of which have already been convicted.

In August of 2014, The FBI was granted a warrant to listen in on the phone calls and intercept messages of a Macomb Country engineering contractor Paul Modi. This would warrant would lead the FBI to several other wiretapping warrants for government officials and contractors, in an investigation that would go on for three years. These are some of the cases they have concluded so far.

Modi was caught giving cash bribes to public officials and facilitating other businesses in their efforts to bribe officials to secure government contracts. He made payments of thousands of dollars to Washington township officials and couriered thousand more for outside contractors wanting in on the action. He struck a plea deal and will now sing for the government in their pursuit to convict others in corruption cases.

Macomb …

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