Without Love, Pro-White Christians Have Nothing

Without love, wrote St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 13, a Christian has nothing. For as important as faith and hope are, for as important as sacrificial giving and witnessing to Christ even on the pains of death are, love surpasses them all in God’s sight.

Pro-white Christians earnestly contend for the faith handed to the saints once for all. That mainly takes the form of intellectual, theological polemics against our opponents and evangelization and discipleship to our people. These activities are necessary, godly, and praiseworthy. I also believe that these activities are motivated by love — love for God, love for God’s Law, love for God’s people, and love for the lost who need to hear the Gospel. But love includes more.

St. James and St. John talked about love in their epistles. Walking by a fellow Christian in need without doing anything to help him, said St. John in 1 John 3:14-18, indicated that one had no love and did not know the living God. Professing faith in God but not taking care of the needy in the Church, said St. James in James 1:27 and 2:14-20, was equivalent to the creed of devils.

Jesus Himself equated true Christianity …

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