Witness Drops Courtroom Bombshell As New Evidence Indicates Murder’s Savage Motivation

Marie Buck (pictured top) owned this store and was loved by those who shopped there.

Marie Buck, according to the Philly Enquirer, was a “popular 81-year-old South Philadelphia corner store owner” who was gunned down last Christmas Eve. Her alleged killer is not due in court until April, but in what is being called an “unusual twist,” a courtroom which was all but devoid of people at the Criminal Justice Center heard a very moving testimony from a “key witness” about what the motive may have been. The testimony was captured on video.

Angela White, 24, took questions from “prosecutors and defense attorneys about Maurice Green’s alleged actions.” This was a request from the District Attorney’s Office that White, who has confessed to being addicted to both heroin and crack, may not show up in April when needed.

For that matter, considering how deadly shooting up is, she sadly may not even be alive then, as Teddy Stick has shown on numerous occasions.

Drugs, a gold chain, and revenge led to the death of Mrs. Buck.

White’s testimony lasted for over three long hours. The recording will likely be shown to jurors in …

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