Writ EXPOSES Obama Appointed Judge As Bias, Domestic Terrorism And “Corrupt Assault” Involved

California prosecutors have charged David Daleidin with 15 felonies, one for each medical “professional” he recorded and conspiracy to invade privacy.

Judge William Orrick has had a petition filed in his court that asks him to recuse himself from a case involving David Daleiden. Attorney Peter Breen brought attention to the Obama appointed judge’s “longstanding relationship (since 2001) with Good Samaritan Family Resource Center and its joint venture partner and plaintiff Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific.”

Orrick was derelict in his duties by not bringing this to the attention of the court when the case hit his desk. Furthermore, the judge lied and stated he has not been on the board of Good Samaritan since 1999. The judge was in fact a member of the board in 2017 and may still be. Corrupt Judge Orrick is weapon wielded by Planned Parenthood to silence dissent. Ironically, doctors who kill babies and sell chunks of their corpses is perfectly legal, however, someone exposing their gruesome business will have a court order thrown at them.

The judge’s failure to disclose this information shows Orrick’s lack of integrity and honesty. Orrick’s has used his power to advance his political agenda and personal affiliations at the …

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