WWII Veteran’s Plea Goes Viral On Social Media As Shopping Experience Exposed

This vet was shown how much America appreciates what he did so many years ago.

It takes very little to make someone’s day complete. As a matter of fact, sometimes it is just a simple acknowledgment of what was done and what given to us by those who gave the most that make all of the difference in the world. A small token of a ladies gratitude turned one veteran’s Christmas into the best Christmas that he has ever had.

Fox News reports that George Seney Jr. was just waiting in line “at a Publix in New Smyrna Beach” when a lady approached the World War Two vet. She thanked the brave man for his service to the country and then went one step further by discreetly handing him a $50 bill.

The lady on the end of the line noticed I was a World War II veteran so she comes over and thanks me for my service and gave me a big hug and said, ‘I want you to have a Merry Christmas,’ and she put something in my hand,” the Coast Guard man admits. He was quite shocked to find what it was that …

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