You Will Never Be One Of Us

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Identity Dixie – We’ve all seen it, some tractor rap urbanite, hipster soyboy, or boomer claiming that they’re Southern. These claims are generally followed with inflammatory comments about Southern culture and history or nearly incomprehensible ramblings on how great the American Empire is. These people are not Southern, they are indoctrinated and they are Reconstructed.

These people are empty husks filled with a pseudo-identity that they either ripped off of the Marxist filth they praise on CMT or they wear it like a hat that they can put on when it fits their disgusting agenda. Having a lifted truck, dipping Copenhagen to impress your friends, listening to Florida Georgia Line, and wearing cowboy boots does not make you a Southerner.

A true Dixian stands by his Kith and Kin and honors those who came before him. A true Dixian went out and protested the removal of the monuments to our Southern Forefathers. A true Dixian wants to preserve the beauty of this glorious land that is his birthright. A true Dixian despises the imperialist invaders that have kept their boot firmly planted on the South’s throat….

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