2018: Undistracted and Focused

It feels like the calm before the storm. Everything is not right with the world, but Sauron’s eye is looking elsewhere than at the Alt Right. Like Frodo and Samwise, pro-white activists can make bolder moves at the moment knowing that the hateful attention of the Left and Washington, D.C., is on North Korea, Iran, the Trump-Bannon feud, and other mindless distractions. But the calm will come to an end.

Trump may strike a deal over North Korea, or he may launch a war against it. In the former case the white American majority will have averted a demographic disaster. In the latter, it will visit us for many, many years. Unless China once again crossed the Yalu River in support of its Communist allies, war with North Korea would end in a U.S.-South Korea victory. But even if China stood by and let the North Korean ship of state sink, the majority-white American military would endure terrible losses. The North Korean military is a much better fighting force than Iraq’s was in 2003 or the Taliban’s was in 2001. A North Korean government that thinks nothing of persecuting and starving its own people would have nothing to lose by …

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