“Additional Suspects Out There”: Vegas Shooting Questions Shock As Metro Refuses To Release Evidence

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo refuses to release any information to the press, and others involved in the investigation likewise refuse to allow any information out. At this point, even the citizens of Las Vegas have no inkling as to the motivation of the shooter.

On October 1, 2017, a country concert in Las Vegas was silenced by a gunman, who fired into the crowd from a position in a hotel room up above where the concert was being held.  When the smoke cleared, the shooter was dead, but not before he rained lead down upon the crowd and killed more than fifty people, to say nothing of the more than five hundred individuals injured. All this was done by one deranged shooter with multiple rifles.  Or was it?

The ‘single shooter’ story was the only story that had been seriously presented by the media up until Tuesday January 16, more than three months after the shooting.  On Tuesday, the lawyer for the Las Vegas Metro Police, Nicholas Crosby, made a startling admission; there are other people being considered for charges aside from the man currently thought to be the only shooter.

Clark County District Judge Elissa Cadish asked …

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