As Feminism Rambles On, Women Get Progressively More Miserable

Feminism makes women miserable.

This is the well-documented (and entirely predictable) trend spanning several generations now.

And why?

Because feminism is at war with femininity.

As with most of the Orwellian propaganda terminology permeating the culture these days, feminism is no more pro-femininity than Progressivism is about actual human progress. Feminism is about attacking and destroying God’s gift of femininity as one front in Progressivism’s war against human progress.

This is why angry, unhinged lesbians like Rosie O’Donnell are such a natural fit for feminism.

Romans 1 is written all over this situation.

Or, perhaps better said: This situation is described and predicted vividly in Romans 1.

Which is why feminism and it’s hordes of angry, deranged lesbians (and their allies) hate the Bible so much (and the book of Romans in particular).

The latest secular chronicling of that which God assured would happen (in this case the increasing darkness and despair that would flow from the perversion of God’s design for men and women) comes by way of a survey taken recently in the U.K.

The Daily Mail covered it this way:

“Women are more miserable than men for almost their entire lives and are happier only …

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