Bad Gas: How American Politicians Constantly “Help” Americans Avoid Adulthood

It should come as no surprise that professional politicians – men and women who sit atop ginormous bureaucratic systems loaded with State-approved “professionals” of all sorts – would be inclined to make us all dependent on said professionals. Republican, Democrat, Left and Right wing leaders who are “in the system” all tend to agree: We the People need massive amounts of “professional” regulation, supervision, prevention, and maintenance if we’re going to avoid killing ourselves and most (if not all) of those around us in the next five minutes or so through one act of suicidal stupidity or another.

Put another way: We are children – children of the American State.

We need to be taken care of.

We need a lot of “help”.

As such, we are purposefully maintained children, intentionally retarded in our growth and systematically prevented (or protected) from attaining anything close to true maturity, responsibility, or pretty much anything else associated with genuine adulthood.

We’re so ignorant, incompetent, and in desperate need of the most basic of supervision that we cannot even educate our own little children. We need “professionals” for that – State-trained, State-licensed professionals who will promote a State-vetted, State-centered, State-serving worldview as they go …

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